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Aiming for an April launch, the duo are crafting their own traditional English ales to sell ‘fresh off the cask’ for consumption on the premises and to take away, alongside other artisan products, sourced and provided both in-house and externally from their other lines of conservation and sustainable work. 

The brewery will be the HQ for Night Owl open 3-4 days a week with indoor and outdoor seating. 

They endeavour to continue a small element of fresh produce to take away. 


The Brewery.

The brewery is a beautiful 5BBL brewing system, brewing traditionally by hand, as it has always been done historically, using local ingredients and hops, cleaning by steam and cutting out heavy chemicals in the cleaning process. All waste spent grain will be recycled back for animal feed and aim to keep the business low impact. Traditional Cask Ale is the focus and look forward to offering a wonderful product to add to the myriad of great producers locally, who tirelessly work to support farmers and producers, to bring a range for everyone to enjoy.

Find us here.

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